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Posted by Tos Tov – Bus Application on 25 កញ្ញា 2016


Currently, my exploration has a combination of three different tasks. Two of them are my group which are ImEx and Tos Tov. I wrote lots and lots of story about ImEx how it would benefit farmers. However, after doing the marketing research of the Cambodian’s market I found out that there is a necessary gap that we tried to help farmers, in Anglong Chin and sellers in Orssey Market, DerKor Market, and Bonkang Kog, were saying they like the way they are and

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ImEx App Developer

In 2015, I participated in Technovation, global girl technology competition, with an idea of building an app to help farmer find the market. Based on our effort, we passed to the semi-finalist. Afterward, we joined the Technovation 2016 with an intention to receive the judges’ feedbacks on our idea because we wanted to develop it into a real solution. My team name is LiGeek and the app is called ImEx, import & export. The second chance of competing with other girls, we won a national pitch and receive a price of $200 with an Ipad. However, I didn’t give up on my idea because, currently, I am working on developing the idea into a stage that solves the farmer’s issue with finding a market. As a participant in Technovation and being a coder of the team, I positively believe that girls could code. I am a suspicious person with technology, yet I got a fear in believing that girl can’t code. Also, the percent of coders in my school are boys. Thus, I decided to forsake that dream. Nevertheless, currently, I am not an advanced coder, but I believe I could code and use these skills to solve the society’s issues. Lastly, I want girls to believe in themselves and take a move in anything they like without thinking about the gender stereotypes.  

ImEx, Independence working

I have made my own application to join the competition, but I didn’t make it launch the Cambodian market yet. In this year, I use my independent time to code the application. I am working with my partner to make this happen. It is not easy for both of us to code the application because we are the beginner of coding. I did not give up on that because I code my plan in my brain already that I will make it.

I love being a Technnovation girl. It has helped me a lot with my thinking skills to prepare for the future of the app that we are making. I believe every girl could make their dream come true, if they would to put their afford in it. As my experience in Technnovaiton, it is an inspiration program to girls of joining technology and to show their talent and passionate.

My passionate with building ImEx, Import & Export agriculture product is to be a market for farmer and client. We are trying to convince the farmer to use less chemical and get a better price than their current income. So my partner and I will develop the application for Cambodian farmers and people who need better quality food from the rural farmer.

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ImEx applicaiton (Agricultrue)

ImEx is standing for Import and Export. As we know that agriculture problem is really big in Cambodia because 80% of the population is a farmer. This application was inspired by five-Liger students. They are trying to build this application. At the moment, they are trying to find investor and coder to help them to accomplish this goal.

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