Mekong Business Plan

I have a passion for entrepreneurship because it involves both skills of being a problem solver and innovative to change solve a variety of problems that could change a country and the world. A program called Mekong Business Plan was a competition based on solving the social problem which the criteria are to shoot a three-minute video that would explain your business and submit online to business judges. I work with one of my friends, Vito to solve a problem of building the passion for kids in primary school to comprehend the value of education and how they would use it in the future. This was an idea of when I visited my dad and my sister blamed about how her study is lack of control from the teacher and the support to use that knowledge in changing their own country and the world. Also, her house is too far from the city that could access to a multitude of schools and higher quality, I guessed. However, I saw the enthusiasm in my sister and other kids who spend lots of money and time to travel a far distance for the sake of their learning. Thus, I want to build this school that is relaxing in a tent with teacher and student will learn as their part-time school and receive an experience that improves on their skills to be a problem solver to develop their community of course. I have more ideas before but it doesn’t state to specific areas and the need from people. Thus, I chose this to represent my passion as a student and my passion to help grow more generation to develop my country.

Video submitted for MBP

Canvas process in class