Currently, I studied geometry in Khan Academy on the transformations section. In transformations, there are sub-subjects such as reflection, translation, rotation, and dilation. My teacher is brilliant at teaching, however, this subject isn’t one of them, so I learn independently from Khan. In order to maximise my learning, I have two books for formula and class practice. As a student I always curious about a variety of solutions to solve one problem. Usually, I search GOOGLE and YOUTUBE for more outside knowledge. This is how I behave as a student to maximise my learning.

Coming of Age | Narrative Essay

My literacy assignment was to write a narrative essay on coming of age; Which mainly about describing the changes that happened in my life and, most importantly, how would I define myself? Thus, in this essay, I criticized myself as a girl who has a fear to lose someone I love, especially my dad. I painted a dream that I had of my dad dying and cried hysterically. Though I did wake up and realized it was a dream, it might be true some days which was the scariest thing. Even though I couldn’t stop my dad from leaving, nevertheless I’ll strengthen the bond between us so I won’t regret and maintain those precious memories all in my heart.

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Physic | First Term

In my physic class, we learned kinematic equation, trigonometry, Newton’s three laws, and .. that applies to the inclined plane word problem, forces and …(need more info)

Newton’s three laws and a class word problem

Inclined plane word problem

Kinematic equation and word problem

SAT Preparation

On October 7th, 2017, the whole senior cohort did the preparation for the SAT test. We got a week to get ready and learn some strategies for both literacy and math. The strategies that I learned from math is to read questions carefully for your comprehension and try to illuminate answer choices of course. Also, if any area we had never learn just guess because SAT Doesn’t extract your score if your answer were to be wrong. However, in literacy, it’s mainly about reading comprehension and writing structure, which the strategies are similar to math but the question form is totally different due to the wordings. Furthermore, there are tree and forest question. Tree questions are optional without needed to read the passage which the forest questions are mainly asked about the comprehending of the passage like the summaries and analysis. Even though it was my SAT test, but I am ready to get the consequence of what I did and learn from those mistakes.