Business Startup | Waste Management

Last year, 2016, the Seniors worked on a waste management project in Exploration class. The business managed to make compost to sell to farmers. This exploration encompassed all change agent characteristics that we had in Liger such as,  There were four different explorations and I was the third one that works with an organization called Little Heart. Little Heart has a project call CAKE, stands for Clean-up Archetype for Kids & Environment, that helped to clean up the Akreiy Ksatr area which every week the students collected about 35 tons of garbage from 1200 households. Afterward, Akreiy Ksatr turned to be a new clean community, however, as an orphanage, Little Heart couldn’t afford to maintain this business sustainable because there is no income. Thus, my team proposes them a business idea to get the villagers to pay and their job is to collect those waste house by house. Of all the collected data from interviewing the villagers to project the potential of this business, a group of 12 Liger students wrote a proposal to the Ministry of Environment to allow this orphanage to collect their own trash and have their own landfill in Akreiy Ksatr Commune. Then, the proposal was approved by the Ministry, which we got a big thank you from Little Heart. Based on this experience, the Liger students had supported and helped their country to have a better environment.  


Board Game 2016

Cambodia is a developing country. A board game is a game that involves the movement of counters or other objects around a board, based on Google definition. Despite, if you would ask different people of the definition, most of them will say “board game is not a digital game that we could touch and move it around.” Is this definition true? What is a game? How to make a game?
According to my research, there is no real definition of what is a game? And how to make a game. Also, many people will have many answers of different definition and steps. To get an idea of what should we start to build a game, my team has reached out to people and asked for their foundation. We get this process called “quick & dirty prototype”, which teach people to brainstorm their idea and make it into a quick prototype.

Based on, our activity of testing game and listening to different ideas of what should a game looks like, we established our own formula to help us. Which, the effectiveness of game design equal to interesting, meaningful and ambiguous decision.

By practicing with this formula, we have tried out making many games within 10 minutes. The first idea of making a game is to teach people how to make their economic stable.Week after week, we realize that the game can not be played. The causes of that are because we were added a mountain of ideas and many rules that people need to learn as the game started. Thus, our second idea is about teaching people with the perspective of how we cause to have climate change.

Currently, we are researching of the causes of climate change. In addition, we will illustrate the phenomenal theme of our game. We are hoping to collaborate with many other developers and manufactory owners.


————————– By Sreyneang ———————-