MiSS little Dream

I was named “Miss Little Dream” from my math teacher for being connected to the project little dream organization that has shaped who I am today.

Over this holiday, I volunteer for two and a half weeks for a position to help with anything. Because technology skill is low in my village I have helped with inputting the book’s data into the library system and help anything as I possibly could. Then, I got a position to be a teacher for a day. I, then, rename as their teacher which they pronounce it shortly as “cher”.

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Building DRONE

Recently, drone became so popular that help to solve a multitude of problems in the society. However, I always wonder how does it works and how to build them? Currently, I have an extension to build a drone with two other students as a personal project in mechanical. Before I participated in this program I didn’t have any background knowledge in mechanic, however, I turned to be a girl who knows how to use a drill, connecting wires, read the schematic, use the soldering iron, and soonly I will program the drone to fly. I am extremely excited to get my drone wandering around. Yet, it is the last step because, currently, there are thousands of things we need to figure out and millions of problems need to solve. Let’s wait and cheer for us to finish the building stage as soon as possible.

Ultimate Frisbee Tournament in Vietnam

The second time to join ultimate frisbee in Vietnam competition is incredible. There are 21 members of the team, 10 females. The first day of arriving in Vietnam is so much harder than participate in Philippine due to their language without English translation. However, when we got our dinner during 12 o’clock was brilliant with Vietnamese noodle and Khmer Vietnamese seller of incredible welcome and serve. Even though, everyone was famished when we’re stuck because of the traffic for more than two hours between the border.

The first day of the competition was marvelous; I couldn’t stop myself from writing these incredible memories on my phone. I love the facts that my teammates are strong in collaboration, mindful, enthusiastic, and cheerful. The initial game was tough with Alpha team, one of the best team I had matched in Manila, which they beat us with the score. However, we beat ourselves and our opponent based on our effort to fight through and challenge our opponents. Which my last highlight was to have all the girls compete and boys are the cheerleaders. Girls were 100 percent pushing both sides, which I lost with a twenty minutes energetic run. Now, I am on my way to the hotel and ready for the team celebration of this first valuable day.

Acted in First They Killed My Father | Keav


A film called First They Killed My Father, directed by Angelina Jolie, was filmed in Cambodia for three months. I was one of the main character’s family name Keav, the biggest sister. In order to receive this role, I had to pass the cast acting test and compete with other Cambodians. This stupendous opportunity wasn’t about being in the film, but I was representing all Cambodian’s life during the genocide, especially the Loung’s family. This movie premiere in Cambodia was on February 20th to 23th in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and Battambang. Then, there was another premiere is in New York on 16 of September. During the event, I met other actors such as John Voight, Angelina Jolie’s dad and actor, and Charles Smith, the NBA basketball player. From this experience of being an actor in this memorial movie is the biggest achievement to shows the world of Cambodia history, as well as, passing the message that genocide causes thousands of death and separation that most of the Cambodians will never forget. However, most importantly, the family in the movie are contemporary becomes my new family with our love from working together and take care of each other. Furthermore, I learned about Khmer Rouge before I involved in the movie, although I receive tons of information, being a part of the film was like being there during the Khmer Rouge genocide.


Scoliosis Mission to Save People’s Life


In August of 2017, I visited Children’s Surgical Centre, located in Phnom Penh. We got a tour around the whole hospital, as well as, saw the real situation when a little kid got a surgery which was scary. Though, this organization mainly specified on surgery, however, they provided the free-services for all Cambodians in any diseases due to their ability. Furthermore, they found a new disease called “Scoliosis”, a spine becomes curved sideway like letter S, that proposed from the Director of the organization in requesting for the help from the Liger’s students to spread out the word to most of the Cambodians to acknowledge as their past experience faced most of the patients that have this disease and needed to get surgery due to their lack of education. As a change agent, most of the Liger’s student used their time during the holiday to present the information in different schools and villages. This experience of presenting to different government schools was one of my best moment in being a change agent because I could feel the real change that this will help to save people’s life.

First International Competition | WFDF in Manilla


On August, 17th to 20th of 2017, I was in a frisbee competition in Manilla, Philippine with other Cambodia’s representative players. My whole team was trained for a three month-course from local coaches and international frisbee players. In order to form a team, there was a selection noticed by the coach based on the person potential, effort and determination. I got selected and other five Liger girls. The team name is Yak Or. There were thousands of people with around a hundred teams. I couldn’t believe to be a participant at the age of 14 years old that would compete with those professionals and international players. The whole weekend of playing frisbee was a marvelous adventure for me in exploring how international competition is like and, most importantly, increase my utilities in playing frisbee. From this experience, I comprehend that boy and girl team were having their own technique of playing. Most of the man team are most likely to pass a far-distance for scoring. Which the girl team made a short pass and did a lot of fakes. Moreover, as a mixed team experience boy didn’t pass so much to the girl, however, unless the boy understands the girl’s ability in receiving the catch. Yet, my highlights in playing frisbee are to have a strong collaboration and most of the time you are learning from your mistakes.