Harry Potter Year Two: The Chamber of Secrets

Harry and his friends are the trouble-makers at the school; they wonder with everything — nothing could escape from them. In chapter 13, news spread out about the chamber of secrets that it opens again. Then, there is an attack happened to the students. One of them is Hermione, Harry’s best friend. Harry has two close friends: Hermione and Ron. Now, he has only Ron to help and discover about the chamber of secrets. Undoubtedly, the story of the chamber of secrets’ past-attack has revealed. Everyone is shocked, especially Harry and Ron, to find a guy who used to open the chamber of secrets for monsters to come out was Hagrid. Hagrid is the first person that Harry knew from Hogwarts. He guided Harry into the wizard world and get ready for his first year at Hogwarts. Hagrid is Harry’s best-mate; they talk and share about living at Hogwarts. However, Hagrid never mentioned about the chamber of secrets to Harry nor did he explain to Harry after the revelation. Hagrid is taken to the ____ until they find who caused the attack. If it really is not Hagrid!

I spend around 30-minutes every night to read this book. The Harry Potter series’ writing is distinguishable and it is depicting the scene in people’s head. I favor the writing more than the meaning. The style of writing is really creative and admirable. I plan to learn creative writing and eventually reach this level of writing.


The purpose of this lab is to experiment the reaction between Acetic Acid and Sodium Bicarbonate. Then, the result will showcase by the changes that happened to the balloon. My group was carefully assigned a perfectionist to attach a small balloon with Sodium Bicarbonate and attach it to the flask without falling a piece into the Acetic Acid (vinegar). Therefore, she slowly wrapped the balloon around the lip of the flask. Successfully, my team got to see the balloon raising up as it captures carbon dioxide under 45 seconds.


We are experimenting with three items: sugar, wax, baking soda with water and fire. The goal is to see which chemical would melt or dissolve first. However, we also define each chemical in the categories of ionic, polar, and nonpolar covalent. Therefore, after the experiment, the wax is the fastest to melt and baking soda is the fastest to dissolve.

Here is the lab paper.

Senior Literacy Leadership Team

Being able to participate as a Literacy Leadership Team member was one of my desires since we are defining literacy and inspiring more readers to sweat for books. Our initial step was reading children’s books and analyzing how they could shape our perspectives. However, the most important thing was to acknowledge that children’s books were not only for children. We, teenagers and adults, could absorb the knowledge within a higher level of analyzing the Continue reading “Senior Literacy Leadership Team”

Flame the Chemists


 Starting my new school year with a new chemistry teacher and many labs is already sound FUN. The first exciting lab is “the Flame Test” where we use the flame to identify the wavelength of the substances. Those substances are Potassium, Lithium, Copper, Barium, Calcium, and Strontium. Thus, my favorite part is to see the reaction of different molecules form a variety of colors.

Khmer 2018

Every language is important to their country whereas Khmer Literature is impacted due to the fact that the number of English learners are boosting annually. An obvious reason is that English is their second language which needs more effort on behalf of their goals to learn abroad. Therefore, it has become a big problem that students’ writing has so many mistakes with the grammar. It is the same as Liger students since most of the target to learn abroad. However, our Khmer class is different from the government’s curriculum. We always research more deeply about each lesson. For example, we learn about Khmer punctuation on its usage and some history. For that reason, I feel more comfortable in writing Khmer essay which includes the uncommon marks as well.