I’m Possible

For the past six years, in my change Cambodia essay, my projectile as a change agent was through academic based. However, I never fully confident in what I wrote because those explorations were the facilitators’ idea. Furthermore, I want to produce my own protein: which is having my own idea. Thus, this year I will give you a new taste− non-academic and money-free.

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A Nightmare To Remember

It was the scariest day of my life to picture my family in a black world. My family is everything to me. If anything bad were to happen to my family I would risk my life. Family love is uncontrollable. I do not show my family much affection, however, I do love them. I am an introvert, which is normal for Cambodians, and in our culture, we do not show our love publicly. Currently, my family has an empty spot for a person to return. My father left us with the phrase “good luck”, which normally people say when they won’t return. I remain hopeful for his return.  

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SAIMUN Host Family

“Let’s go to Vietnam.” yelled my facilitator.  

It was my first international education trips and my first time to have a hosting family. Yet, I was with my other three funny friends. We were so close with our host family in which case there is a Cambodian family, but live in Vietnam because of duty. Our time with them was fabulous. We got a tour around Vietnam with our host family and a movie night in the supermarket cinema. They are warm hearted people that are easily found in Cambodia. However, from these experience of having a host family and to meet these family, I learned that “you are happier and think that your life more valuable. If you share your happiness with others.” The host wasn’t only welcoming us and give us a warm place to sleep and eat but they made us as their family. They initiate the phrase “the world of sharing.” They explain what it means to practice that phrase in an active way to help change this world. So, the earth will always be a place for human to live and share the love.

MiSS little Dream

I was named “Miss Little Dream” from my math teacher for being connected to the project little dream organization that has shaped who I am today.

Over this holiday, I volunteer for two and a half weeks for a position to help with anything. Because technology skill is low in my village I have helped with inputting the book’s data into the library system and help anything as I possibly could. Then, I got a position to be a teacher for a day. I, then, rename as their teacher which they pronounce it shortly as “cher”.

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Men and Make-up

We, women, have been fighting for gender equality and gender equity within a patriarchal society since 1848 by an influential bravery woman named Elizabeth Candy Stanton.

I used to prompt to my mother and sisters that I want to be a boy and dress as a boy. It wasn’t just me there was a multitude of young girls and women stated exactly the same. Why?

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App Developers

Tos Tov – English Version

Do you want to know more about Tos Tov? Check out this wonderful, amazing and fantastic video!

Posted by Tos Tov – Bus Application on 25 កញ្ញា 2016


Currently, my exploration has a combination of three different tasks. Two of them are my group which are ImEx and Tos Tov. I wrote lots and lots of story about ImEx how it would benefit farmers. However, after doing the marketing research of the Cambodian’s market I found out that there is a necessary gap that we tried to help farmers, in Anglong Chin and sellers in Orssey Market, DerKor Market, and Bonkang Kog, were saying they like the way they are and

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Currently, I studied geometry in Khan Academy on the transformations section. In transformations, there are sub-subjects such as reflection, translation, rotation, and dilation. My teacher is brilliant at teaching, however, this subject isn’t one of them, so I learn independently from Khan. In order to maximise my learning, I have two books for formula and class practice. As a student I always curious about a variety of solutions to solve one problem. Usually, I search GOOGLE and YOUTUBE for more outside knowledge. This is how I behave as a student to maximise my learning.

Coming of Age | Narrative Essay

My literacy assignment was to write a narrative essay on coming of age; Which mainly about describing the changes that happened in my life and, most importantly, how would I define myself? Thus, in this essay, I criticized myself as a girl who has a fear to lose someone I love, especially my dad. I painted a dream that I had of my dad dying and cried hysterically. Though I did wake up and realized it was a dream, it might be true some days which was the scariest thing. Even though I couldn’t stop my dad from leaving, nevertheless I’ll strengthen the bond between us so I won’t regret and maintain those precious memories all in my heart.

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Building DRONE

Recently, drone became so popular that help to solve a multitude of problems in the society. However, I always wonder how does it works and how to build them? Currently, I have an extension to build a drone with two other students as a personal project in mechanical. Before I participated in this program I didn’t have any background knowledge in mechanic, however, I turned to be a girl who knows how to use a drill, connecting wires, read the schematic, use the soldering iron, and soonly I will program the drone to fly. I am extremely excited to get my drone wandering around. Yet, it is the last step because, currently, there are thousands of things we need to figure out and millions of problems need to solve. Let’s wait and cheer for us to finish the building stage as soon as possible.