Join Technovaiton in the Semi Finalist

I go to study every weekend at Development Innovation Lab in Phnom Penh. The project is called Technovation that for give to show off their technology skill. In one group there were five members and one or two mentors.So I have to make a group and pick a good topic to make an application to solve my social problem. For this competition just gave three months to complete all of the steps that they put in Technovation site. There were 13 students from my school that went to join the competition. I really enjoy to meet new girls in Phnom Penh and worked with them.

For my ideas was to set a application that could changed the farmer that used chemical to stop. I wanted to help them by put the lessons that could help them how to grow a healthy foods and good for environment. Also my goals wanted to help the farmer to have a job and not a lot of people would indisposed any more. Even I spoke so clear and a lot of people like my ideas but my teeth chattering every time when other ask me a question.
On another day, they couldn’t pick which ideas they would chose. I started to say to my friends that I wanted to make the apps that could made people put their product to sell. We looked at each other and say “Yes”.Our group name would be LiGeek and our apps call ImEx. So we found a problem and some solution. Now, there were more solution I felt “fabulous and like this idea a lot”. I hoped the mentors would like it the same as much as I did.

As three months have passed my group have to submit two days before send to Technovation in USA. I wait for the result, but I don’t know when will I get or how? As the result is on Thursday there is nothing that send to me, but I still want to continue with my apps to achieve my goal. On Sunday morning there is an email from my mentor and I think they would said “sorry that you’re lost.” Actually it is opposite “congratulation that you group is in the semi finalist.” When I read the email finish I just can’t do anything and send the email to my group about this amazing news. And I keep looking at the video repeatedly.

Another week Technovation send the email to me and there is no my group name, but I still proud of my group and will do more work on our app as we continue to make it a real apps.


Looking off the result of Semi Finalist with our mentor.